Check your medicine

If you take medicine regularly, you should check it is right at least once a year. This is called a 'medication review'.

You should have a medication review if:

  • you're having issues with your medication, for example side effects
  • your medication review is overdue by 3 months or more
  • a GP or nurse has told you to book a review

How it works

  1. Answer a few questions online - it should take about 4 minutes, and your answers are private.
  2. Your GP or nurse will take a look.
  3. We'll be back in touch with next steps.

Next steps include things like:

  • carrying on with your medicine as it is now
  • having an appointment, if needed

Before you start

You need to know:

  • the names of your medicines, including over the counter medicines like painkillers, antihistamines, vitamins and supplements
  • how often you take them
  • why you take them, for example if you have acid reflux

It's also useful to know your:

  • weight
  • height
  • blood pressure